4chores.com - Online tool for parents and children to manage chores

Create Online Chores for Your Kids

4Chores is a free online chore-tracking tool that lets parents create chores for their kids to complete. And, if parents pay money for completed chores, kids can print their paycheck every Friday!

4Chores does much more than track chores. It teaches kids about accountability, responsibility, and encourages them to donate time and money to their community. Kids can even use 4Chores to run their own neighborhood business where they can do chores for neighbors, and even donate their time to those neighbors in need.

No more refrigerator notes or constant nagging to get chores done, simply create a free account and make chores so your kids can log in to see what needs to be done. When kids log in, they see only what needs to be done that day, and as they complete their chores, the chore is removed from their list and time-stamped in real time. Parents can even edit or track chores in real-time, from any computer, which is perfect for parents that need to add chores on the fly or make sure chores are done!




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