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4Chores.com is a free online chore-tracking website. While our website holds children accountable for their chores, it also teaches responsibility. Children love to log in, scratch chores off their list, and see their chore awards (usually money) pile up. Every Friday, the children even get to print their own check, which their parents cash!

4Chores asks every child to create a list of items they are saving up for. This helps the parents realize what their child desires (great for birthday’s and Holiday’s), and helps the child realize how much work and effort is needed just to buy the shirt, bicycle, or toy they desire.

4Chores is always for Sponsor’s that hold the same responsible value as we do. We want our Sponsor’s to encourage children to do their chores. A typical Sponsor might offer incentives, match up to a certain of percentage earned, or just offer coupons specifically for 4Chores children. For example, McDonald’s might offer a free Happy Meal for children that have earned over $20 on their 4Chores paycheck. Or, a retailer might offer an iPod coupon for the thousands of 4Chores children with an iPod on their wish list. A 4Chores Sponsor will advertise the 4Chores.com website as well.


Typical Sponsors

Banks: 4Chores offers paychecks, and we’re looking to place a Bank’s name on each paycheck.

Retailers: Looking for retailers to offer discounts or matching incentives for 4Chores Kids.

Theme Parks: Looking for Theme Park operators to offer incentive or rewards for kids who do their chores.

Restaurants: Looking for restaurants to offer free, or discounted, meals for children that donate or do their own chores.

Sports Teams: Many Sports Teams promote children. Why not Sponsor 4Chores Kids that show responsibility around the home?

If you feel your company would like to explore Sponsorship possibilities with us, please fill out our ‘Contact Us’ page.

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