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4Chores is dedicated to giving back, and we want to help teach kids do the same. Here are some ways your kids can help!

Teach kids to Donate MONEY

When they bring their 4Chores paycheck to you to cash, encourage them to take a little out to donate to a worthy cause. Let them choose their own charity, church, or other organization they want to donate to. Then you can make the donation on your child’s behalf and enter the donated amount under their name in 4Chores. We’ll keep track so they’ll always see how much they’ve given!

Let your kids know that handing out flyer not only can get them work, but each time somebody creates a neighborhood post using your child’s code found in the flyer, 4Chores will make a small donation!

Before your child accepts a chore from a neighbor, ask them if they would like to set aside a specific amount for a charity. This is even mentioned in the flyer. When they come home, collect the pledged amount for donation, send it out, and make a note of the amount under their name in 4Chores!

Teach kids to Donate TIME

Imagine an elderly person living alone, and living on a tight budget, that just needs help with the trash or moving a few boxes. Wouldn’t you want your kids to go over and lend a hand, and expect nothing in return? 4Chores allows those in need to create free posts and to ask for free help. They simply make a post in the ‘Post Neighborhood Chores’ section, and use the word DONATE to create it for free. Their post will be immediately available to all (enabled) neighborhood kids. Encourage your kids to help those in need!

And, since the flyer let’s these needy people ask for help for free, your child should know it’s well worth the time and effort.


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