4chores.com - Online tool for parents and children to manage chores
4Chores App

4Chores is a totally free app that lets parents easily assign chores to their kids, and it also lets kids use their phone to see the chores they need to complete.

It’s simple! Parents create a chore and their child receives an alert showing the new chore. When the child finishes the chore, the parent receives an alert showing the chore is completed. It’s easy!

Parents, stop making lists. Use the app to create and add chores no matter where you’re at (work, stuck in traffic, etc.). Kids, simply tap a button when chores are done so your parents don’t have to ask if you’ve completed your chores!

PARENTS: Simply open the free app, choose “Chore Giver”, add your name (like Mom, Dad, Uncle Bob, etc.), then tap start. Then tap the (+) add button in the top right corner, and add your child’s name. This is a ONE-TIME action, but you can repeat this action to add more children. Notice each child has a unique code, they will need this code to connect to your chores. Once their name(s) have been added, tap ADD+ to assign chores. When your child completes the chore, you will received a time-stamped alert telling you the chore is done. Simply swipe to remove.

KIDS: Simply open the free app, choose “Track My Chores”, add your name, then tap start. Then tap the (+) add button in the top right corner and add the code your parents give you (it is next to your name on their device). This is a ONE-TIME action. You will then see the chores they’ve assigned to you. Once completed, tap the chore, and tap ‘yes’ to mark as completed. It will be removed from your list and your parent will receive an alert showing the time you completed the chore.

Looking for old web based 4Chores? Access it here.